Student Services: Career Center — The Career Centers of both Burbank and Burroughs High Schools maintain an extensive library of current college catalogs and directories for student use. Information on private schools, military academies, career technical education/vocational schools, study abroad, and summer programs is also available.

The Career Centers also maintain an extensive library of occupational and vocational materials. Students can explore career options through the use of BRIDGES, a career information system, career testing, and a wide variety of printed material. College representatives, military recruiters, and representatives from various occupational areas are scheduled throughout the year to speak with interested students. Counseling Services — Students and parents are urged to take advantage of the counseling opportunities that are made available to them. They may arrange to see their counselor during the day; if the counselor is not available, students may sign up for an appointment. Additional counseling services are available to students, with parent permission, through the Family Services Agency of Burbank. Requests for student records, other than transcripts, are made through the Counseling Office.

To order a transcript, contact the registrar. Library/Media Center — The libraries have developed into Campus Research Centers. Students have access to both print and on-line resources to help meet their research needs. Each library houses student computers with internet access and offers a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction print titles which are available for check-out by the students. The libraries strive to support the various classroom curriculums.

Transcripts: Students may order transcripts through the registrar’s office. Allow a minimum of five school days when ordering transcripts for college, scholarships, etc.