You don’t really need to spend a lot of money on school uniforms. Just make sure to read the policies about specific dress codes. Most schools today are very particular when it comes to school uniforms. This however doesn’t mean you cannot look for other options. Shop wisely and use these money saving tips when buying school uniform for your kids:

TIP #1: Shop around

Once you get the details from the school, shop around for the best deal. Going to a shopping mall should be your last option. Instead, look for reputable school clothing manufacturers nearby. Ask the school and other parents for more options. You can also search online for major retailers.

TIP #2: Hit the thrift stores

You can save a lot of money from hopping to different thrift stores. This is usually where you can find good solid-coloured polos, dress shirts khakis, and more. You will find most of these stores near your children’s school. Don’t forget to bring the list of everything you need.

TIP #3: Join uniform exchange programs

Swapping uniforms is another way to save money on uniforms. Coordinate with other parents and make arrangements among your friends. List down all the important details including the type of uniforms, size, colour, and other accessories required by the school. Make sure they provide personal information and contact number. This will help you and other parents find the right person for uniform exchange.

TIP #4: Buy quality

Never buy cheap quality materials. Choose well-made pieces with thick fabric. Keep in mind that your children will use it for the entire school year, and perhaps even the next one. You can even hand them down to a younger sibling or swap them with other students if it doesn’t fit anymore.

TIP #5: Alter and mend

Before you head to the nearest store, check if you can still save some of the uniforms. Alteration services are quite cheaper than buying a new set of uniforms.

These are some ways you can do to save on you school uniforms. Just be patient and take your time when shopping around. Compare the prices they offer from other stores or manufacturers and choose the best deal.


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