Many kids today get confused in a haze of elementary grammar rules. Some have a hard time solving math problems, while others get lost in the details of an AP biology class. As loving parents, we all want what’s the best for our children—and the best thing we could give to them is good education. Help your kids catch up with their lessons.  Here are some tips to help them improve their study habits:

TIP #1: Regular homework time

Organise a daily schedule for your kids. You don’t really have to take away their play time. You just need to teach them how to manage their time. Remind them when it’s time to do homework and help them get started.

TIP #2: Provide a good study room

Having a nice and comfortable study area can help your kids improve their study habits. This can encourage them to spend more time studying their lessons. Make sure the room has everything they need—a working table, ergonomic chair, and proper lighting. You may also provide other helpful tools like new reading materials, class schedule, and other visual information related to their lessons.

TIP #3: Hire a private tutor

The best way to monitor your children is to hire a private tutor. Just make sure to discuss it with your child why they need one. Tell them you just want to prepare them for the future and this is for the best. Find a well rounded tutor who can teach your kids in any subject. Run a thorough screening process and be familiar with their experience as a private tutor. Your kids should also be comfortable with their instructor. Observe their session for a few days and ask your children for feedback.

TIP #4: Keep in touch with their teachers

Communicate with their teachers to know more about the performance of your children at school—where do they excel? What are their weaknesses? The teachers should know everything about your child’s abilities and potentials. They may also recommend the best ways to improve and develop your child’s skills and talents.

It is always better to introduce good study habits for your kids as early as possible. This will not only help them catch up with their lessons. You are also teaching something they don’t really teach in school, time management. So encourage your little ones to develop a good study habit every day.


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